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Every Wednesday at 9pm EST, BlazinRy Radio departs from its acclaimed interview show and presents a conversation between three raving lunatics: radio personality Jonathan Weeks, theatre director Thom Fogarty, and BlazinRy host Ryan Holmes. Follow this weekly romp through the interwebs. The three lads shoot the sh*t, present some Hot Mess Awards, and get lubed up to tell some jokes. Below are just a few examples of the hilarity that ensues on BlazinRy: BackstageBackstage is currently the most popular variation of BlazinRy: Radio.

BlazinRy: Backstage

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Hear the Latest Episodes, Brenda! 

BlazinRy Backstage: Thanksgiving Addition

"If I Could Turn Back Time" (Backstage Remix)

The David Bowers as Charles Ramsey

"He's one of the last great radio hosts."

― Talk Show Host Kurt Magnum

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